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Thermoforming is at the heart of Omniform Group. This technology gives us the possibility to fulfill the needs of most customers. It enables us to offer a high-quality product with a low weight and good barrier performance. We operate over 30 Thermoforming machines in Belgium and Romania.

The process enables a wide design scope with all kind of shapes and appearances. Our large machine park gives us the ability to work with many different plastics such as PET, PS, PP and others, in an efficient way.
What is more, most of the scrap of thermoforming is recyclable. Rather than sending scrap to a landfill, excess material is collected, granulated and extruded along with virgin resin into new sheets. Resulting in very little waste and environmentally-friendly process.

Another great advantage of this manufacturing process is its adaptability for low and big-volume production in a cost efficient way.

Injection molding.

The geometrical flexibility this technology offers allows us to provide our customers with technical solutions to almost any problem they may have previously encountered with production. The in-mold-labelling offers an unprecedented advantage which benefits the needs of our customers.

We operate 12 high quality Injection Moulding machines in Belgium. All machines are equipped with robots or other automated conveyor systems to give every product the best possible care. We have a wide range of clamping forces which enables us to serve our customers a wide range of standard products. In addition, our long standing expertise allows for tailor made packaging development for our customers.

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