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 The brief

Omniform Group will understand your specific product and process requirements. The engineering team will advise on the latest trends in packaging, provide alternatives, and agree the basic design constraints. This process will take into consideration among others, improving and/or maximising shelf impact, efficient customer processing, enhance product in the eyes of the consumer and reduce carbon footprint.

Added Value Omniform Group:

  • Long Standing Expertise in Packaging
  • Advice in material selection
  • Total cost approach

Conceptual Design and Professional Drawing

Omniform Group will produce CAD images and sketches of the best solutions for you, the Customer, to review.

Added Value Omniform Group:

  • In-house expertise with specific thermoforming software
  • Speed for quick turnaround
  • Flexibility to meet clients specific request


Omniform Group will manufacture initial concept samples. Provide the customer a true representative sample for the evaluation of production line testing and displaying purposes. Omniform Group will agree the product design, quality and performance required by the customer and all manufacturing specifications will be discussed and agreed.

Added Value Omniform Group:

  • Flexibility and ability to improve and adapt the design for production conditions if needed
  • Expertise in manufacturing processes to optimize total process as from the start

Tooling Design and development

Tools are manufactured by selected specialist toolmakers to ensure the highest quality product and most efficient production.

Added Value Omniform Group:

  • Strong technical knowledge and know-how in tool making
  • In-House creation of complete technical sheets
  • Flexibility due to variety in machine infrastructure

Industrial Testing

Omniform Group will manufacture industrial test orders. The orders are produced in accordance with the agreed manufacturing specification and the product is inspected against the control sample. Often Omniform engineers accompany the client during real life testing in clients’ production environment for a thorough evaluation of the packaging process.

Added Value Omniform Group:

  • Capacity to provide you a functional industrial prototype to be run in real life production environment
  • Presence during testing to act quickly on potential adjustments
  • Flexibility to make adjustments on the final parameters (optimalisation of full cosy)

Final Production